I think I bombed my first test!!

  1. Oh my goodness I just finished taking a test on APIE, physical exam, abbreviations and nursing assessments and I feel horribly about how I did I have been doing so well on my tests so far. I might have done better than I thought but I don't feel it in my gut. I studied all weekend but when I looked at that test my brain said "you're on your own kid" I couldn't remember the difference b/w subjective and objective and I told myself last night that it was going to happen. I made up a way to remember and guess what I still forgot!! Before the test alot of my classmates were saying how nervous they were about the test and everybody just assumed they would fail. I didnt join in the pity party because I wanted to stay positive, well after that test I don't know how positive I can be. Guess I will just have to wait and see just needed to vent a bit.
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  3. by   22angie
    Hi: sorry you feel that way but I find if I stay out until the last minute and don't be around the other students that I could keep my thoughts good. Try covering the test answer and if you can think of the answer then look at the answer that seem to help me. If you get one that you really can't come up with skip and go to the next one it seems to help. You have to always stay focus so when those negative thoughts come into your mind rebuke them in the name of Jesus if you believe in him, and I can do all things in chirst which strengthen me. Stay positive I know its hard I just took 3 test friday in one day I pass two and really not sure if I pass the last one pray that I did because I really needed to pass this class. I pulled my grade up in this class, so try to take one test at a time and when you have more then one study each one but you have to split the time I just figure out you have to think positive. You we had test run like that before and I pass two and fail the last one because I thought I didn't have enough time to study and my grade showed it I got a 57 on that test but if I would had been a little positive on that test I might have did better. I was positive on the test this time I got 84 on the first on, 88 on Pharm, I'll let you know what I get on the last on next week. Your attitude is what hold us back so stay positive.