I can't believe I actually did it!!!!

  1. Well fellow students, I have come full circle. Last night- I got to put in my first foley catheter on a 85 year old woman.
    This is a huge deal for me. The one thing I was scared half to death over, and now I am the 2nd person in the entire class to have completed the procedure in clinicals. (We are in 2nd quarter but first quarter that we have done clinicals).

    My CI told me that my patient had been ordered a catheter, I just told her ok, I definitely want to watch- and she kept staring at me, until I finally said what? She just smiled and said grab your gloves kiddo- you are doing this! I almost passed out then and there. The first words out of my mouth were ok, but I haven't practiced that much in lab. But she walked me through everything- and I got it in on the first try, and the sterile field wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I felt a little lightheaded afterwards- I don't think I was breathing the entire time lol.

    Just wanted to share my excitedness. I told my CI and my other classmate that it was an adrenaline rush not like I have had before (and i have bungee jumped!)...it was crazy!!!! This is how I felt afterwards!
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  3. by   Ericad85
    Good for you!!! I cant wait to get out there and do things hands on!! You learn so much more that way!
  4. by   ladynurse1
    Lucky you!! I haven't had a chance to put in a foley but have removed a foley. Can't wait til I get a chance to do this.
  5. by   missmYa
    good job!i remember those days!! ahaha
  6. by   AZMOMO2
    I had the same reaction the first time I had to put in a foley, I pointed to my partner and said she'd do it, then all heck broke loose and the gloves didn't fit her and I got stuck doing it. All in all I am glad I broke the proverbal ice and got it over with. Bring on semester two!
  7. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I'm jealous ! I haven't had a chance to do that yet. Good for you.
  8. by   stacy0906
    Good Job. That is the number procedure on my list that I'm extremely nervous about. Hmmm. I think I better stay after for lab next week and practice. If I'm put on the spot like that with no practice I'm sure I'll faint. Congrats!!