how to prepare. help!!

  1. Hello everyone. I have a few questions.. I had orientation yesterday for my LPN program. They did not pass out any material other then our class schedule since there were so many other students (not me) would have yet turned in the requirements to start (ie.. physical, PPD test ect..) I agree with their reasoning because why give materials to someone who may not start. I would really like to get a head start and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for study guides.The first section we are starting with is A&P. also, our scrubs will be white and was wondering what is the best option for under neither as I am very fair skinned.
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    white pants work best with flesh toned undergarments...white is glaringly obvious. Any of my classmates that chose flesh toned undergarments looked rather professional (regardless of their base skin tone).

    As far as A&P, consider ordering one of the A&P coloring books. There are several versions available at bookstores and online at amazon, barnes & noble and more. There are links to YouTube videos for anatomy & physiology in this FAQ thread from the pre-nursing student forum:

    Also brush up on medical terminology and medical abbreviations as this will only benefit you as you progress towards your career in nursing.

    Good luck.
  4. by   student forever
    My suggestions:

    Medical Terminology
    Med-Math (dimensional analysis)
    review the 11 body systems

    The first month or so are cna basics so class is very simple and common sense (you do have to read the book, however, but no need to study ahead for any of that); the later courses will be harder.

    I am very weak on pharmacology, so I have begun to study that ahead of time. Our pharm class starts after August break, so I am trying to get comfortable with the concepts. Good luck with everything!