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I was wondering How far did you guys travel to your school and how much was the tuition for your school ? I found a school about 36 miles from my house and I also found a school 15 miles from my... Read More

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    ok Communter, if you don't mind can you share a little about your experience at Casa Loma? You indicated that it was just ok. since I am just 15 minutes away from that school It is a possibility I might end up going there. any input would be Extremly helpful
    If you're a good reader, I say go for it. You'll be reading one to two chapters per day and will need to be a very good independent learner. I do not see why you wouldn't have a great experience there.

    I had a bad experience because of my standoffish personality (not becoming close to my classmates, etc.) and for tying a patient's trach-tie too tightly during a clinical rotation. If you have a 'normal' personality, enjoy reading, and do everything by the book, then you should excel at Casa Loma.