How can I balance work and school to be successful??

  1. I start classes in October and my schedule will be class Mon-Fri 8-5 and double every weekend 7am-11pm. Any advice on how to handle this and does this sounds like a good plan?
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  3. by   MrsPerezLPN
    Hi! I used to work full time in a hospital from 3pm-11pm, 5 days a week while going to school from 8:30AM-2:30PM Mon-Fri. I'm not sure what your school's curriculum is like, but I do know that juggling work & school isn't easy. You do , however, have the benefit of getting out of school at 5PM, which gives you plenty of time in the evening to study for a couple of hours. You can also study on your breaks at work on the weekends. Go to school with the mindset that you CAN and WILL succeed. You can do it!
  4. by   CNAAJ
    You can do it the entire time, I did. Graduated top of my class however it takes a great deal of dedication and a lot of missed sleep. Drink plenty water and eat as healthy as possible.
  5. by   jtboy29
    I started my program back in October 2015. I work weekends only (Friday-Sunday; 12pm-8:30pm). I don't get home until about 9ish and get ready to do homework around 10ish or so. I almost always wake up around 5 or 6 in the morning to do necessary homework or study a bit before I have to leave for work. It took a little of time to balance it out but it can be done. If you can handle not working and can deal with being "broke" for the duration of your program I say do it however; if you can't then I suggest you find a part-time job that is flexible enough to let you work in your case 2 days a week. Are you able to manage your time wisely? You also have to think how "bad" do you want to succeed? Studying your notes while on breaks at work or reading at work during breaks or down-time is a good thing also. Now if you program uses E-books like mine does then you can access your books from the Evolve/Elsevier app on your phone.
  6. by   EbonyWaltonEl
    Hi, Mrs. Perez. Were you working as a CNA 3pm-11pm? If so, do you think that being at work helped reinforce what you were learning in the LVN program? Also, there was just a 30 minute gap of time. So, was your hospital near school?