Having trouble with Anatomy and Physiology

  1. I am right now in a Medical Coding program and I had to take Anatomy and Physiology.
    Right now I have a C+ (78) and I have 2 quizzes, 1 Exam, and the Final Exam. I am hoping to get a B-. I want to try to get into the LPN Program for the fall and I am wondering if I am doing good enough in Anatomy and Physiology to get in? I always wanted to get into the LPN Program since I took care of my mother for 10 years until 2010 when she passed away. Even her doctor said I would make a good nurse. Am I smart enough though? Plus I am 50 years old.
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  3. by   pmabraham
    Good day:

    50's still young (I'm going to be 50 in May). You will not know unless you give it your all and go for it. And, why not do just that?

    Thank you.
  4. by   WideOpenHeart
    Hi... I think the question of whether or not your hoped-for score (B-, really a B on your transcript) will be enough can only be answered by the program(s) you're interested in entering. From what I've seen, program entrance requirements vary widely.

    About being 50: I am 44, myself, so I've spent a lot of time researching people like us who go to nursing school in mid-life. The good news is, there are many of us!

    I know that I will enter the field with so much more prudence and wisdom than I would have, at a younger age. (Not to say that plenty of younger, new nurses wouldn't be just as prudent, etc.)

    Study hard and go for it!

    You can have many years ahead of you in which your work will make a real, tangible, meaningful difference in the world.
  5. by   WideOpenHeart
    p.s. I meant to emphasize that you should call the programs that interest you and ask about the grade requirements.

    Also, watch out for educational "marketers." If you can get into a public nursing program (at a vo-tech, junior college, etc.), you'll pay MUCH LESS than you will for a private program.
  6. by   newnurse_12
    Don't let you're age discourage you from achieving your dreams! I just graduated last year with a 65 year old classmate! She inspired me everyday, because I thought I was old at 40 trying to do this! There were people older than me, besides the 65 year old! We all made it to graduation and the first one of us to sign up for the Transition RN program was the 65 year old, when most of the rest were too burned out to even think about applying! Good Luck!!!
  7. by   student forever
    Hi! I am 60 and an lpn student, too. Oldest in my class and at the top, too. I worried about my age a lot more at 40 than I do now. Many 40-45 year olds worry about their ages. You do get over that! As long as we are alive we can learn and grow and become more tomorrow than we were today. I don't think anyone in my class knows my age. Once they guessed 47-48 but I just smiled and said: "I'll have to show you my driver's license 'cause you won't believe it!" and left it at that. It was actually a 70 year old lpn that convinced me I could do this!!!! She was working home health and planned on working til 75 at least!!!!

    If you want to be a nurse go for it. In 5 years you will be 55. You will be a 55 year old nurse or you won't. It is your choice!
  8. by   mnewbaker
    Quote from student forever
    If you want to be a nurse go for it. In 5 years you will be 55. You will be a 55 year old nurse or you won't. It is your choice!
    You will be a 55 year old nurse or you won't! I absolutely love how profound this short statement is. I'll either be a 24 year old mom of two children when I'm 30, or I'll be a Nurse with 2 beautiful girls! HOW rewarding does THAT sound! Inspiration! Thank you!