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I am going to start this November & I wanted to know if anyone has attended Unitek College in California...Please let me know what you thought of the School. Stephanie... Read More

  1. by   monica969
    If money is a lot for Unitek, I am graduating Gurnik Academy of Medical Arts, of course like with all schools some students have negative feed back because they want it to be easy. Some clinicals were ok, but hoped for more acute kinds but that's RN schools. My school cost less and will hopefully have an LVN-RN bridge program soon, just waiting for Sacramento. I am looking into Unitek's RN program too. I have heard good things about that school.
  2. by   Browneyedbrunette
    Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone has recently graduated from the sacramento campus at Unitek or is currently attending? WOuld you recommend it for the lvn program? Im considiring the option of lvn-to Rn program, but they dont offer that yet in Sac only in fremont. Can you pass the lvn course in Sac and then complete the Rn in Fremont? Im currently going to community college to get my prereqs, but then dont want to wait for years to get in. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. by   eeksa
    I know this is very late, but I will be starting in the Unitek LVN program in Fremont this coming January. From what i'm reading and from what I heard about the program is that you don't get paid while your doing your clinicals at the hospitals (or wherever they place you).

    Now, from talking in the beginning with my admissions counselor, I came into understanding that we do get paid while working and doing the LVN program. But from the various entries, I don't get that impression.

    I was wondering if someone knew anything regarding how the LVN clinicals work as well as if the students get paid or not while working in the hospital.
  4. by   BA.LVN
    To answer your question, no, you do not get paid for "working" clinicals. Clinicals are part of your schooling, except it's hands-on learning in actual clinical facilities (hospitals, rehabs, etc.) Also, at Unitek, in Levels 2 and 3 of the program, you go to clinicals 3 days out of the 5 days a week (the other two days you are in the classroom). The clinicals could be in the morning (7am-4pm) or in the evening (2:30pm-10:30pm). But people in my class ALSO worked their own jobs (part time) during the week/weekends (which was really difficult b/c of the intense school schedule). So clinicals, is basically hands-on learning OUTSIDE of the classroom for which you do not get paid. Hope that helps!

  5. by   gonza5
    i am starting unitek in sacramento on dec 1st 2008 for the lvn program. if you have went there in the past, did you graduate? would you reccomend the school to others? what type of nursing are you doing now? and, would you do it all over again?
  6. by   swtstephy
    what are the prerequisites for the Unitek program and how long does it take to get accepted?
  7. by   michellecmwu
    Quote from HannaBee
    I graduated from the LVN 11 month program last year. If you have any questions feel free to email me! They worked for me - lots of people complained but if you want to get your LVN quickly, it's a good option. For me, working quickly was a priority. I just couldn't sit on waiting lists or take months of prereqs, trying to get into classes etc...I just couldn't afford to do that! Although tuition is dear - it was just under 30k when I went and if you add their prereqs - those cost 3k for 3 weeks of prereqs - ouch! it is expensive! but anyhow, I had moments of regret, many, like maybe I should have saved my money and gone the longer route! but trying to get into classes and into a program would have been stressful too! anyhow, water under the bridge! Now I can earn $$$ and do my LVN-RN on the side...I think I have a previous post talking about Unitek. I am considering their 8 month LVN-RN program but I am also thinking about Indiana U's BSN program as I have a BA in another major (so I've done most of the GE's) and I guess it's the only online program to count in CA? Anyhow, it's not easy, the time commitment is crucial! I moved 4 blocks away from campus to make life easier cause it will take up most of your time studying. Then again some managed to work and did graduate. They did help us, they want you to graduate but there were many times I wasn't sure if I would make it! Took us 3 months to get our letters to register for the NCLEX which I am taking in 2.5 weeks OMG!!! That's stress! Ok back to studying!
    Hi,Hannbee, Have you pass the test? I am sure you did. Are you working as LVN now?
    I am kind very interested in the LVN program since I can not just sit for the waiting list in the cc college. How about the clinical ? Do you really learn something in the Clinical, or just do more thing like CNA do? thanks