Going to LPN school with a friend , anyone go to school on the buddy system ?

  1. So myself and a really good friend of mine are starting the LPN program May 26th . I thought it would be a good idea to attend together so we can support eachother , I'm praying that it works out , what if one of us fails or we start bickering over grades. We both really want it (we're currently medical assistants) so we have some healthcare experience. Did any of you go to nursing school with a friend ? Any regrets about that ?
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  3. by   fwardlaw147
    I tried to attend LPN school on the buddy system with my friend. Unfortunately, she was not able to complete the requirements to get accepted. She was disappointed, but is still very supportive of me in the end. In my opinion, I think that the friendship should survive the trials and tribulations of nursing school if the respect and determination to succeed is there.
  4. by   waitingforthedream
    I could not do it without my friends, and you will make more as you move forward. I always told my husband when I spent so much time on phone or study group: They can give me what you can't. Only a nursing student understands where we are coming from! Good luck to you both.
  5. by   picurn10
    I got accepted along with a friend, but two days before class started she got bumped into the 1+1 class. I was bummed about it, but knew I could just rejoin her in RN school next year. We've since lost touch because we have opposite class times/clinicals, and we can't really study together because their class is about 2wk ahead on the material.
    Another girl in class started with her good friend, but she dropped out the 3rd week of classes. She's since made good friends in the class.
    I think part of ns is that you bond closely with your classmates (at least some I would hope) and so your friendship could either hinder or enhance that depending on the kind of person you are. It's a really competitive situation and that sometimes brings the worst out in people.
  6. by   CrystalgLPN
    Last year in April, my best friend and I started an LPN program in our area. Im proud to say we have made it almost to the end and are still going strong. You have to make sure the friend youre going with isnt a fly by night, attention seeking, slacker. Make sure the friend has the same goal as you. We are in our 3rd to the last mod. We graduate Oct 5th. I honestly would not have madie it without him. We have leaned on each other and never argued.