Gateway pn spring 2018

  1. Hello all, I submitted my app in july, does anyone know when the spring 2018 acceptance emails will be sent out?
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  3. by   tmahbee
    I submitted mine as well and im hoping to get in to the JAN 2018 cohort. and im wondering when they will send out the emails as well.
  4. by   Nurse_2b_Kei
    Hi, I'm in the same boat. I applied at the end of July hoping for spring placement.
  5. by   abbee3
    I submitted mine July 2017 and am hoping for Spring 2018 placement. Traditional placement for nursing was supposed to start sending out notification's today, maybe its the same cycle? not sure
  6. by   samwash
    Hi guys, joining the waiting game. I've been waiting since March. Let me know if you guys hear anything new!
  7. by   abbee3
    I got an email stating that placement will happen oct/nov
  8. by   samwash
    I didn't get that email. I have been waiting forever.. did it come to your personal email or to your school email?
  9. by   abbee3
    I emailed inquiring about a way to get a time frame on placement and they responded by saying placement for spring 2018 will be oct/nov . She also stated that they cannot give a time frame on the wait but said people that people that were Placed in fall 2017 turned their applications in June 2016 . I applied July 2017 was hoping for spring but looks like it'll be later than I hoped for
  10. by   samwash
    Ugh, so frustrating. I just want to get started already. Let me know if you hear anything anytime soon! I have my fingers crossed that we both get a January start date
  11. by   samwash
    This is the worst wait EVER. Is it the end of October yet??!
  12. by   abbee3
    Agreed !! Are you planning to do LPN and bridge to the RN program ?
  13. by   samwash
    I'm not quite sure yet. I've been working in a hospital for the past 2 years so I'm actually hoping to get out of that setting for a little bit after the LPN program for a little while. I'm just going to see how things go!
  14. by   samwash
    What about you, is there RN bridge in your plans after graduation?