first day on my med surg clinical!!

  1. Nervous ass heck. What was your experience like?
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  3. by   CeceStar5
    I was nervous as hell my first day.. but as clinicals continue, I started to be less nervous.. especially when it came to vent patients and suctioning.. I was so nervous the first time but thanks to my clinical professor and the days passing by I became more confident. Good luck. P.S. Dont believe what everyone says about Med Surg- It being hard.. Judge based on your own experience....... I went in thinking the clinical experience was going to be hard, but I learned alot and it wasnt so bad.... ( I was on a Telemetry Floor... a very hard floor to be on... ) I did great.. Good Luck and make sure you retain all the information you learned
  4. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    I worked in a clincal setting as a nurse's aid prior to my program so when I had clinicals I wasn't nervous at all. A lot of the girls in my program was nervous their first day or two and once they started getting the hang of things, they were no longer nervous and was confident. It is natural to feel that way the first day or two maybe even three, but be confident and stay positive and you will be fine hun good luck