1. Hi, does anyone know anything about an exit nln test for pn students. My school is giving us this test and we are lost. I have never heard about this tpye of exit test. HELP!! Does anyone have any ideas, or know where I can get some study material for this.

    Thanks desperate.
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  3. by   Esme12
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  4. by   NursingStudentYaya
    well it depends on what kind of exit test this is.. the school i went to we had a exit exam also, and that was the HESI PN Exit exam. Our entire grade and passing score depended on this particular exam. I know that there are other kinds like ATI too. If so, this exit exam basically tests your entire knowledge on what you learned, what you know, and your critical thinking skills as a nurse, i.e. ADPIE. So its everything from pharm, med surge, fundamentals, clinical skills etc
  5. by   Kimynurse
    We took the NLN , 2 of them one pharmacology, one general.

    The pharm had math and med questions, the other general NCLEX questions.

    I used the Saunders NCLEX study guide and another.
    I was in the 99% of general and 97% in pharm.

    Good luck, it is really to help you study for the NCLEX, they will send you a breakdown on where you did weak, and need to concentrate for the NCLEX.
  6. by   Kimynurse
    Did you take the exam yet?
    How was it?