Dysfunctional LVN Program

  1. Hello all...I am currently enrolled in LVN school and will be graduating this December (yay!) I know nursing school is hard but what has made this program extremely difficult is the level of dysfunction of one of our instructors. She was over the program for the first two semesters. This instructor was always giving us contradicting information in regards to what we were learning, overly disorganized, and was not supportive of the students in the slightest. She had even made up a test that everyone "passed" just to help those with struggling grades, which is fraud. We finally had enough and several students wrote letters to the Director of the program along with the associate dean of education and she was removed from teaching any classes except for one. Thankfully we have another instructor, who is simply amazing, step up to take over the third semester. The program is now on probation due to less that 80% passing rate on the NCLEX. I just took my first comp predictor with ATI and got an 89% probability of passing. I will be happy to graduate. We currently have the LVN to RN bridge program that will start in May but the rumors are this dysfunctional instructor will be over the program. Honestly, I don't know how she is still employed at this point. This school is in my hometown and it works for me...I am a single mom to 2 kids and have no family. My only other choice is to attend a bridge program in another city which is an hour away. Would you tough it out and continue on the RN bridge or look for another school? TIA for any advice!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I would look for another school but that is the answer for me. I mistakenly agreed for one more semester with the nursing program's worst instructor, blind to what most others seemed to know, and paid the price for it in the end. Why would you want to sign up for a bad time of it? Graduate, get your license, start to work, and come up with a plan to attend the better program. Or, take your chances on a poor experience. Only you can decide if it is worth it.