Cna-Lpn/ Most Beneficial Path

  1. I have decided to take the CNA-LPN-RN career path. when I look for my first CNA job, assuming I have a choice, is their any particular location I should concentrate on, LTC, Hospital etc. I'm not overly concerned with pay, I want to gain the most experience possible to better prepare myself for the next step of LPN. are their advantages to either? does the shift you work come into play as far as skills learned? I would appreciate any guidance.
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  3. by   nursesaideBen
    Well, any kind of experience is WONDERFUL!! With that said you are probably going to learn more about disease procesess and probably be allowed to do more in an acute care setting. However many hosptials (at least where I live) want CNA's to have at least 1 year of experience before hiring them. Working in a hospital has really helped me as far as school goes because I get to see IV's, NG tubes, foley caths, central lines, intubations. LTC experience is also really good because you learn so much about geriatric patients and bedside care and also time management because your patient load will be higher in LTC than acute care, generally. So basically, either way you win my best advice to you would be, go work in whichever setting you like the most and feel the most passionate about.