Can I work as a CNA after I pass the NCLEX-PN in New Jersey

  1. I was wondering if I am able to still legally work as a CNA after I have my practical nurse license? I do not want to continue working as a CNA but my employer will try to make me saying that I can. Is there any where I can get papers saying this is not allowed?
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Have you contacted the BON? There may be some fine points to consider here: will the job title be CNA or LPN? All duties performed by a CNA are within the scope of an LPN as well. The sticky point comes when the job title doesn't allow one to work to the full scope of the license- if a situation were to happen, a nurse working below the level of the highest license may be restricted by the job description and policies, but the BON is going to expect the nurse to act as a prudent nurse would to the full extent of the license.
  4. by   jcox0989
    I called the BON today and emailed them, hopefully they get back to me soon! I also contacted my states nurses association on this topic as well
  5. by   nanillest
    what does your job title or description say?
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    NJ BoN doesn't certify CNAs the NJDoH does. BoN certifies/licenses CHHAs, RN, LPN,APN
    Is your CNA certificate active? You can be scheduled as a CNA while licensed as an LPN but will be expected to respond as an LPN