California student: is a $30k LPN "worth it" - page 2

Hi everyone! I am 27 years old. After working retail/sales for a decade I have decided to give college another shot. I have an appointment with Concorde college in North hollywood. So far I am... Read More

  1. by   juanhuezo2001
    In am in the SGV. At the Community college level one yr of pre requisites needed to apply with a B level grade then you need to apply and be on a waiting list or lottery until an opening.
    Local adult school and ROP programs are also full and have waiting list and this due to the low cost. The highest I found was $12000. With financial aid. Vocational schools also have waiting list. I choose northwest college in west Covina because of the evening program and 15 Mon. Long program the test was not to hard 60/40/vocab. Math. Science
    Hope this helped.
  2. by   AlleycatLady
    Everybody has their own unique situation. If you just can't get into a community college due to competition and it's your last resort I'd say follow your heart. Then bridge to RN/BSN cheaper. You'd be better off going somewhere like Chamberlain for 3 years and getting the BSN. if you dont already have a degree, you would more than likely get the Pell Grant and scholarships along with a few loans to cover everything. Take all of the humanities at a community college as a nondegree student and transfer them over to Chamberlain. Your total cost would come to less than about 45K. The only reason I know this is because Chamberlain was one of my options. For me the total cost came to 30K with ex military rate.
  3. by   2bNurseDom 👩🏽 ⚕️, CNA
    Did you have to get on a waiting list for this program? Or were you accepted right away? I want to apply
  4. by   Crystal-Wings
    Go to a community college if you can. I wish I'd done that instead of forking over 27 grand. The only thing they prepared us for was the NCLEX, their clinicals sucked. One group got to go to the hospital but mine didn't because the school didn't wanna pay for another clinical instructor that would have allowed us to go to the hospital. My group ended up stuck in LTC facilities with very little to do/learn except pass meds and take vitals. There were never any treatments for us to do either!