Applied Technology Roll Call 2011!

  1. Hello Everyone!

    Just got my acceptance letter to the LPN program for Applied Technology! I am so excited! The 3-4 semester wait list for the RN program is just too long since I already have an associates, seems silly to do 2 years waiting, then 2 years in the program so 4 years for a second associates? psh, no way. Gonna do LPN then get my BSN!

    So who is out there that got accepted! Lets get to know one another! We have a long year ahead of us!! Congrats everyone!:heartbeat

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  3. by   AshleyinSTL
    Goodness gracious, I've been stalking these boards trying to find someone talking about Applied Tech! I'm still waiting for a letter; I talked to the lady in financial aid last week. I don't know how many people are actually in the running, but 25 is not a big number. I'm so nervous!
  4. by   proudauntie415
    Hey Ashley!

    Well good luck to you!! Yeah 25-29 I think I heard is the number and a lot of applicants. But I'm sure you being on the ball and getting this in now puts you in good running. How did you do on the TEAS? that is about 3/4th of your score, then the rest is the interview and essay and so forth. Are you looking at South? The MET center made me a bit uncomfortable lol but the South looks clean and really nice area, with a GREAT NCLEX-PN pass rate.

    I got my letter Saturday, I know Rebekah was sending them out hopefully yours will be in the mail soon! Before they decide though I think your whole packet needs to be done, but check with Rebekah to find out, she is very friendly and willing to go over your file with you!!

    Let me know how it works out we can get to know each other before school!

  5. by   AshleyinSTL
    Yeah, Rebekah seems great. I did well on my TEAS; I scored 100% on a few of the portions and she even took the time out to email me and tell me "good job," basically. So many hoops to jump through with that packet, huh? I have everything turned in except my 3rd professional reference, and that will be there on Monday. I'm worried because I don't have any medical experience. All my work has been in restaurants and hospitality. I would imagine they would favor someone with a cna or ma background. We'll see, I suppose. Do you have any idea how many people are applying?
  6. by   AshleyinSTL
    And yes, South Tech for me. I live in south city, and Sunset Hills is about 25 minutes away.
  7. by   proudauntie415
    me too! i live in south city. have you completed your file? financial aid and everything?
  8. by   proudauntie415
    Sorry, ready just the last post, and missed your the TEAS part. Congrats! Yeah, the TEAS I was shocked how many people didn't pass in my group. There were like 25 of us in the computer room, out of the first ten of us that finished I was the only who passed..I got 91% percentile overall. They were really impressed, I was happy! Nah, don't worry about not having a background. They go off score and interview. Did your interview go over well? I'm sure you'll do fine if you did well on your exams. I know before they take it vote the whole packet needs to be done. I believe thats the process. I have heard they get hundreds of applicants, but not everyone passes the TEAS and not everyone gets their packets done, and not everyone can get financial aid. So consider all that. I'm sure your in a good running! But get that stuff in ASAP!! Your applicant packet needs to be completed!!

    I had my packet done in a week. I lucked out being a Medical Assistant already and having all the vaccines. Been a Medical Assistant for for 10 years so the rec's weren't hard, and also I was already on the registry because of working in the ER a few years ago. It was just luck I guess it was all ready! Keep on trucking and getting that stuff in and done with!

  9. by   AshleyinSTL
    Everything is in except my 3rd reference, which will be there on Monday. Everything else is good and clean and whatnot. Last Tuesday the financial aid lady called me and I had to do entrance counseling and sign my mpn online. I met with her Wednesday and she had me sign a bunch of my financial aid stuff. I like to think that they wouldn't have made me do all that if they weren't planning on accepting me...
  10. by   proudauntie415
    Thats right Ashley!! We will be classmates before ya know it!! Woo Hoo..LPN class of 2012!!
  11. by   AshleyinSTL
    I'm sorry I keep posting on here, but I don't have enough posts to do a pm. Anyway, I'm IN! Just now, I dropped off my last reference, and she asked me to sit in the hall and she printed my acceptance letter and gave it to me then. Whoo-hoo!
  12. by   proudauntie415
    Awesome Ashley!!

    How exciting, so we are classmates. It's nice to meet you! So excited and looking forward to a very hard and tough year ahead! you can email me anytime at! I'm debating if I should do school supply shopping before? or wait? hmm.

  13. by   Foreverstl
    Hi Ladies, just wanted to congratulate you guys on being accepted into the LPN program. I have been accepted also but I am going to the MET Center location & I start wed, the 24th. Caint wait, I am so ready. So anyway, congratulation again.
  14. by   proudauntie415
    Congratulations ForeverSTL!

    MET or South, we are all future LPN's! Woot!