Anyone take the NET or know of Lenape School of PN?

  1. I was set to start a p/t day program here in my area in January, but recently found an evening/weekend p/t one that would suit be better since I have 3 (soon to be 4) children. Anyway, I took the PSB to get into the last school, but this one is requiring me to take the NET. Does anyone know anything about this test? Is it similiar to the PSB? What's on it?
    Also, has anyone attend Lenape School of Practical Nursing in PA? I would really like to talk to a current student or someone who has graduated from there to make sure I am making the right move.
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  3. by   LadyMarine
    I took the NET. I thas math and reading comprehension. The math has add, sub multiply, divide and algebra. The reading part is read a paragragh and answer a question. They have a study guide that is helpful. It isn't a real hard test. Good luck, Nancy
  4. by   L&D_2b
    Thanks for the reply. It's been some time since I have been in school and I get real nervous about any tests right now. I'll look into the study guide.
  5. by   ohiofem44511
    i am just getting ready to mail my Lenape application and I was worried about the entrance test. Tell me about the study guide or book that was mentioned for help with the test please?