All People Who Went Through The Rn Program At Inver Hills Community College...

  1. What was your experience, both clinical and theory like? Where did you go for clinicals? Did you find your instructors (both clinical and theory) fair and do you feel that they prepared you well for the NCLEX RN? What is the administration like? Are they organized? Is there anything else you would change about the school if you could?

    Do you have any regrets about going there?

    The reason for all these questions is I am in a terrible LPN program currently (St. Paul College) and had a rotten 1st clinical experience. I didn't find out about the terrible administration and other things until after I enrolled, so please PLEASE do let me have your honest feedback on this school so I'm not going in blind like I did with my current school.


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  3. by   TheCommuter
    This is the 'LPN forum'; therefore, it is read mostly by other LPNs. In which state is Inver Hills College located? I ask because this site has a forum for each and every U.S. state. You'd probably get a higher response rate if you posted this in the more appropriate forum.

    Since you are in the Twin Cities area, perhaps you'd get a lot of responses if you posted this in the Minnesota State forum.
  4. by   blynn
    I went to Red Wing Tech, they have a great LPN program! You might want to try checking them out if the drive isn't too far. (Red Wing, MN is about forty miles or so south of St. Paul.)
  5. by   katmiaow
    I put in there as well, but sorry, Inver Hills is in Minnesota.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from katmiaow
    I put in there as well, but sorry, Inver Hills is in Minnesota.
    No need to apologize!
  7. by   MNlpn
    I went at hennepin Tech in Eden Prairie, MN. They have a good program, and still no waiting list to get in. Also reasonably priced. I have completed 2 of the clinical and they were great. I recommend the college, but encourage people to ask about teachers and how they teach. Sometimes there will be 2 of the smae class with 2 different teachers. It pays to shop around and find out who teaches the class the best.