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  1. how long did it take you guys to find out if you were in the lpn program i took the test in April turned in my letters of reference had my interview in May and now im just waiting the instructor said the letters won't go out until the first week of November im so nervous i dont know how much longer i can wait i want this so bad
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  3. by   lpnQT25
    I am not sure how your program works... but my instructor started interviewing in Jan. and continued all the way until june... some girls got accepted on the spot at their interview.. others were told they would get their letters of acceptance or denial by mid june. Me I was put on the waiting list due to average scores on my entrance exam and was told I could be called anytime up until the first week of school. ( Sept. 6th)This was last year by the way.... I called the secretary every other day checking to see if any one dropped out... I was on pins and needles not knowing what to do about my current job situation and after a long summer of waiting and praying ! I got a call 1 week before school started. I end ed up graduating at the top of my class! so those entrance exams don't tell everything about a student! & now my nursing instructor agrees! I just got my confirmation that I passed my state boards today! So hang in there & don't go down without a fight!
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    Thank you and congratulations i have taken some of the pre req required and my grade point average is a 4.0 so I hope they look at that also and the teacher that interviewed me knows one of the nurses i work with now and told her that my interview went real good so i hope that also is a good sign
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    I attended a private LVN program with no prerequisites for admission. 31 people who had passed the entrance exam had to sit in class for orientation for 1 entire week. After the week had passed, the school's director came to the class and handed out 31 letters to the students personally. 24 of these were acceptance letters and 7 were rejection notices.
  6. by   Christos Anesti

    When does the program start?

    I took the NET in March 2006. In April they interviewed all who had passed the test. They sent all of the letters (rejection and acceptance) out on May 1st. The letter said "You are accepted into the class of 2007 starting in the fall of 2006. Please pay $250.00 within 2 weeks or you will lose your position."

    Christos Anesti
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    The class starts in January 2007 and the letters dont go out until the first week of November
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    Do any of you out there know of any helpful books i can read while waiting for acceptance letter for LPN program just to get a heads up on things for the program