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Hi, I am going out on a limb here as I am not a nurse but I have 2 daughters in LPN school. Their grades are good and they are on their third clinical rotation. One daughter is 24 and the other... Read More

  1. by   jimthorp
    You should check with the school's harrassment policy. It clearly sounds like harrassment.
  2. by   lauralassie
    Not surprises. Many nursing instructors are mean. It doesn't matter what kind of degree they have. I've had masters in nursing prepared instuctor that could grind you up in to mince meat in no time. Daily she had a student crying. However, even though I do not advocate abuse of students, I have found that those instructors actually did me a favor. Because when I got out on my own and was degrated and yelled at in front of other staff as a new grad (and belive me it will happen) , I knew how to handel it better. I was young too. Unfortunaltley, there are many hard lessons to learn in the medical field. Just try to be supportive of your daughter and keep her spirits up. When she is an RN and working with critical pt's and is able to hold her own , she'll be glad she went through those hard times. Souds like one of those instructors that wants to find out what she's made of .
  3. by   Agnus
    You stated this nurse doesn't have a bachelor degree and an older nurse. Please understand I do not have a bachelors either and am an older nurse. So this is not to pick on that catagory of nurse. My intuitive feeling on this is that she is low man on the totum pole in the nursing school. Everyone else has high degrees. She has been allowed the "privilege" of being among them but at the same time she is not really one of them. She will have little imput on important issues in the school such as criculum development etc.

    THis nurse might not even teach in the classroom. Often these nurses are hired as clinical instructors because you must have an RN instructor for ever so many students in a clinical setting (usually 8 students to 1 instructor or better) But they do not need more class room instructors so any RN can be hired to do this.

    She is like the clerk who lays down the rules and refuses to bend because he has limited power so he will use his power feircely. You know the type. "No you can't do that here" while the business manager will make ecception with wisdom.

    So what I am saying I think she feels disempowered and will use what ever power she has fearcely. She has no degree these are young girls with everything going form them. She on some level envys them. Lot of missed chances oportunities etc in her life.

    They are young and are naieve. She is older and knows more from life. THese two thing are factual. (notice I did not say she is wiser) The yournger they are the more oportunity they have in front of them. The more they remind her of what she is not of what she did not achieve etc.

    My mother was in nursing school in the 1930s she told me about an evil old instructor. She was a real witch. Then (I don't recall how she discovered this) she found out about this woman's past. Forgetting the details, she tragically lost a love many years ago as a young woman. THis left her extreemly bitter her entire life.
    Once my mother understood this she was able to have some empathy for this nurse.

    Your daughers will have even tougher challenges throughout their careers. Consider this a training ground to learn to deal / cope. It will make them stronger.
  4. by   Daytonite
    homeschool mom. . .i would want to read this instructor the riot act for the way she was treating my daughter including the part about the amount of tuition being expended and all. i'd call the nursing school administration and demand a meeting with them, your daughters and this instructor and let them all have it to make sure you have plenty of witnesses. let them know what a poor excuse of a helpful, caring nursing instructor she is. and, let them all know that if any of them even thinks of retaliating against either of your daughters there will be trouble. you don't have to be a nurse to know when someone isn't being helpful or caring. a bully is a bully, whether in a nursing uniform or other kind of clothing. maybe if more concerned family members confronted this witch, she'd straighten up. when you are paying out money for an education your daughter has the right to be treated respectfully. and, if any of them gave me any grief about my butting in i'd let them know that i was showing my daughter how to be an advocate for the ethical and respectful treatment of others since she is young and has no experience in this.

    the problem, however, is that there aren't enough nursing instructors. it's possible that no one is complaining to this instructors supervisors and they may not know she is doing this. then, again, they may be aware of it and letting her behavior slip by. you won't know unless you get involved. remember that only the squeaky wheels get greased.

    by the way, ask to see a student bill of rights or go online and search out the ethical standards for lpn and/or nursing behavior with some of the major nursing and nursing education organizations. many schools as well as many of the national professional organizations have them. they usually say something to the effect that members of the profession treat all others with respect, courtesy and dignity. point that out to the instructor and her bosses.
  5. by   GardenDove
    Angus, you are most likely totally on the mark What a great analysis!
  6. by   nophun
    It's interesting that most of the encouraging "just ignore it" comments seem to come from those who haven't had abusive instructors. Why not start an anonymous petition sent to the administrators? And remember the power of the instructor review which comes each semester. Why should we be subjected to abuse? Because we allow it. Directed communication is very powerful. Why not improve the situation rather than ignore it?
  7. by   nophun
    Thanks for you post! I didn't read it before posting previously so maybe it popped in there while I was typing. Thanks for giving the great action against problem solution!!! You are wonderful and powerful! Improves my attitude about nurses allowing abuse!
    Right on!