Where is an Lpn School in Ohio?

  1. Does anyone know some info on where I could go to do LPN in Ohio ?
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  3. by   Kellbug
    I'm also in Ohio, Bedford near Cleveland. There are LPN programs at Tri-c and Lorain Community College. Also, if you look on the Ohio board of Nursing page, there is a list of private schools elsewhere in Ohio. If you're near me, a good one is the Central School of Practical Nursing on Carnegie Ave., Downtown. Hope this helps!!
  4. by   lizscott nurse
    Northwest State Community College,Archbold, Ohio has a good record.
    I also hear Owen & MUO in Toledo are good. Athens has one too.
  5. by   HONEYBEAR
    Marymount Hospital in Garfield Hts.....have their own Lpn Program. Also there is one in Parma.
    Both of these schools are about 20 minutes from downtown Cleveland. Hope this helps?
  6. by   ardent4you
    Thanks for all your help. I live in Dayton though and I did find one school that will do the training there.
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    from ohio board of nursing: list of nursing lpn education programs
  8. by   Lynndi
    Scioto County Joint Vocational School (southern ohio)
  9. by   fireflyLPN
    In Dayton there is Rets Center & Miami Valey Career Tech Center. Those are the only 2 I know of....
  10. by   Chel
    Collins Career Center, Coal Grove. ...Soon to start an ADN program.
  11. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    Miami Valley CTC, i start there in Jan! woo hoo...did you find a school you wanted?

    i've heard some no so good things about RETS, my mother in law actually used to teach the LPN course, but she quit because of how bad it was (curriculum wise)....good luck!
    1. Centra School Of Practical Nusing (cspn)
    4600 Carnegie Avenue,
    Cleveland ,ohio 44103
    Tuition Is $7,600

    1. Pickaway Ross Career And Technology Center
    895 Crouse Chapel Rad, Cillicothe, Hio 45601-9010
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