where do LPNs work?

  1. i know lpns are huge in LTC and ALFs, but where else can they work? should i expect to have to work in one of these facilities as an lpn or to make decent money? i know there are many hospitals around here that do not hire lpns anymore, i dont think working strictly with the elderly would be for me, who knows though, after i get some experience i may like it.
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  3. by   lunden
    hi, i work as a tech in a dialysis clinic (waiting on acceptance letter for 09) and we have had about two lpn's. one is still there. their jobs consist of passing meds and doing assessments. i will say also that in the case of a shortage they have been known to have to take on the job of a tech. but so has the rn's. it doesn't happen often though, and one more thing is we have to wait until a rn is in the building before dealing with pt's even if a lpn is in the clinic. hope this helps
  4. by   HappyHHNurse
    Home Health pays well and hires LPNs. Try Maxim, PSA, Interim, for starters...
  5. by   Practicalone
    I work in a clinic setting and PRN for a local L & D unit that has all of it, L & D, postpartum, nursery IP & op checks.
  6. by   CMLPNnowRN
    I've done mainly med/surg and hospice, and right now I'm leaving a pre-op/pacu position at an ambulatory surgery center for a case management position.
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    thank you all
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    Quote from HappyHHNurse
    Home Health pays well and hires LPNs. Try Maxim, PSA, Interim, for starters...
    what is home health all about verses agency. are they the same
  9. by   SaraO'Hara
    I work in sub-acute rehab (post-surgical, eg post CABG or THR, also post CVA or other acute illness). It's not uncommon at all to have moderately unstable patients.
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    I have an interview next week as a LPN in the local jail. It actually sounds like a pretty decent position.