What is your routine at an assisted living? Curious

  1. I work LTC, am wondering what and how you take care of residents of an assisted living. I never even was in one. Wondering if I would like it.
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm a director of health services in an ALF, and I love it! The job description varies from place to place, and LPNs have a different role than an RN, but generally have much more autonomy in ALF than in the hospital or even a nursing home. If you've got LTC and/or acute care experience under your belt, you may just love ALF nursing........the care needs are nowhere near as heavy as in LTC, and the residents are fun to work with.

    Questions? You can PM me anytime........I'll be happy to give you more details.
  4. by   foxxcat
    ALF ARE GREAT PLACES TO WORK, I am an LPN (21 years) I have be the DON at a ALF for 9 years
    The residents are different than N.H. residents, the families are super .
    Best part LPN's are TRUSTED to do jobs they usually are not trusted to do
    LOVE IT :blushkiss :blushkiss :blushkiss :blushkiss :blushkiss