treatment for excoriated skin

  1. hi. i have a question for ya

    what kind of treatment do you use for excoriated skin? what kinf of ointment do you find works best?
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  3. by   dbsn00
    silvadene if a preventative Baza (I'm assuming you mean the buttocks/sacral area though)
  4. by   anjau
    i like calmoseptine and lantiseptic too. i agree on the silvadene! i looove silvadene. i've seen it do some great things for skin!
  5. by   Nurse Hatchett
    Xenaderm is wonderful too. I agree with SSD too :hatparty:
  6. by   zippyLPN
    xenaderm!!!!!!!!! also like lantiseptic or a&d with zinc
  7. by   zippyLPN
    Quote from zippylpn
    xenaderm!!!!!!!!! also like lantiseptic or a&d with zinc also depends on where the excoriation is............... if its in a moist area(ie;under breasts, abd folds..ect..) i like nystatin powder
  8. by   thenursingassistant
    I am Alexiscavin. Actually i fully agree with you as means with your opinion in your this current should carry on with this.