Took nclex Wednesday

  1. hi I am new to the forum and I have a questions.
    I am from Texas and I took my nclex wednesday, I got the min. 85, and I feel good about it. The info I got with my ATT said that I can get results 2 business days after I test and I saw someone in this forum talk about how they took their test on 9/20 and got results on 9/22, so I know my info is correct. So here I am two business days later and my result are not up yet. Is it two business days from the time they deliver the test to be reviewed? If so that happend at about 10 am. When on the second business day will I get my result cause if I dont get them soon I may have to take something to calm me down!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You get the quick results thru Pearson-Vue, you have to pay a fee for it, of $7.95. But that is only available if your state participates in early results. Not sure of Texas does or not.

    Not all states participate in this. But, if they do, they are up the second day later, doesn't matter if it is a weekend or a holiday, they will be there.

    Hope that this helps.................and Welcome to
  4. by   onmyway06
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I'm sure you will pass!!!