Texas vs Florida LPN prospects...

  1. Hi, so I am hoping this is the right forum.

    My wife and I have been discussing a move out of our current State. We have been eyeing these 2 States in particular. Me more Texas wife more Florida.

    Now my wife is an LPN. From our research lot more LPN jobs in Florida, but still decent amount in Texas.

    Now I am not an LPN I do want to become a nurse and eventually an RN. My wife as well wants to be an RN. Our dilemma is programs are being cut, condensed, and tuition cost keep rising in our State. Solution let's move to a more cost friendly State and can further our education.

    Haven't done too much research with Florida. With Texas LPN School is $25,000 less than where we currently live. About $10K to $15K less for an Associates Degree at the community college in Texas.

    Just curious on your thoughts as an LPN working in these 2 States. Do you feel ample job opportunities, decent pay with COL, and ample opportunities to advance your self? How flexible are programs? We have two partial evening programs and one private associate evening nursing program that cost $40K.

    What we were thinking was since wife is an LPN finding work be easier for her. If I can find a $15 or more an hour job wouldn't be a huge cut from my $20 an hour now due to tax differences/COL. I work on obtaining my LPN In a year then make equal to what I am making now. Then wife would go back for her RN. I probably look for work in the jail system and/or VNA. Then when wife receives her RN I go for mine. Then we both probably go for our BSN or MSN online.

    Appreciate the insight and feedback can give.
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  3. by   sallyrnrrt
    Texas, hands down