Questions to ask at LTC interview?

  1. I have an LTC interview tommorow and I wondered what sort of questions are good ones to ask. I would like to of course know what the patient ratios are for each shift, but are there any other things that should be asked or any questions that anyone wished that they had asked. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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  3. by   txspadequeenRN
    These are some of the basics or at least I think.

    1) How many patients can the unit hold and whats the average number of patients.

    2) How many CNA's are staffed on the unit and do you staff based on building census or unit census. The last facility I worked at could hold 120 residents, there was 5 units and the census could be down to 60 throughout the building but on my unit there was 30 residents .. However, they would cut my staff down just because there was a resident shortage. So when every other unit became more and more filled my staff was added back even though they never should have been removed.

    3) What type of patients are in the unit you wil be working. Are they Medicare, Hospice or Alzheimers. This makes a big difference with staffing and the type of staff they should have.

    4) You also need to know what type of accuity level these patients are. Do they admit with MRSA and /or a isolation type situation. Do they admit with IV's or have PICC lines for a resident if needed.

    5) I always ask if they have treatment nurses and med aides. If they say No I would be for asking if you are the only nurse or is there another nurse working with you. And I dont mean unit manager cause sometimes they have those, but another floor nurse.

    6) Of course how much orientatiion you get . Then will it be on the shift and unit you will be working... I know people that get shifted around and it makes a new job 100 times harder.

    7) One of the most important question I always ask is do you have 24 hour staffing. Several places I have worked at cut their staffing phone off about 9-10 pm then the night nurses are responsible for finding the replacement. Between the hours of 4-6 am this is the last thing you need to worry about ..staffing.

    8) I would ask if they have 24 hour admissions and if the admit is during the day does the unit manager assist with the admit or are you on your own. This will make a big deal later if you are working as the only nurse and passing your own meds..etc

    Of course you dont have to ask all of these but I would definitly make a list of questions. What I have found in my LTC career is that you will get the round about and not the solid answer you are looking They dont want to run away a potential nurse. I know there are more and I will post them as I think about it.