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  1. So I got an on the spot interview today Pretty good, right? So I knew for sure that I was going to get hired. Only problem!!! I don't have my license number yet. I turned it in last friday afternoon. Can anyone that got their license in California know how long it took to get your actual license or saw your name on the website. I really want this job but they need someone now and the only thing stopping me is a darn number

    Miss SubQ
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I took NCLEX for California on December 28, received my passing result on January 9, immediately mailed my $100 check to the California BVNPT, and my license number appeared online on January 20.
  4. by   Miss SubQ
    Thank you The Commuter...I can always count on you for your input

    Miss SubQ
  5. by   ched7468
    Miss SubQ, Here in California The BRN takes 3-4 weeks for them to release everything...
  6. by   ched7468
    hello, did you check you checking account if they encashed your check already, if not, they may have not been working on it yet..
  7. by   Miss SubQ
    Thanks everyone! I actually got my license within 14 days same as my results from my test

    I appreciate the feedback!

    Miss SubQ
  8. by   soraya_bato
    hi, help...i want to take nclex_rn as soon as possible!!