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  1. I truly cannot catch a break. Today my PPD is announced as positive and it's the first time it's ever been positive. I feel fine but my anxiety is telling me I have Latent TB. Has anyone has a positive test that became a neg chest X-ray? Thanks
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  3. by   NurseSpeedy
    A positive skin test does not mean that you have TB. It only means that you have been exposed to it. Relax, get the rest of your follow up testing done, and while it still stinks if it is positive, there are meds out there to treat it.

    I personally have not tested positive in 16 years of nursing (and I was exposed to active TB patients on several occasions early in my career. Actually, a close co-worker in retail had active TB when I was 18 and we all had to be tested by the health department to see if any of us had contracted TB from her) but have known many who have turned positive and they were fine. The whole reason for screening is so that we can catch it early, reduce the spread of infection, and treat appropriately.
  4. by   Snowdin
    Hello. I've just recently been accepted into nursing school and I start in January. It is required for us to do a PPD test before orientation and I tested positive. I've never tested positive before so I went ahead and got a chest X-ray. I had to get 2 chest x-rays done, because the first time I got it done, the X-rays were either too bright or too dark and the APRN told me I might have latent TB. Of course I refused this, and went to get another chest X-ray done at another location, and this time the X-rays showed my lungs perfectly and showed no sign of TB whatsoever. It was pretty scary, but I'm glad that my results turned out negative.
  5. by   Aunt Slappy
    How many mm induration? And how was the reading performed? Did they palpate it or just look?
  6. by   dianah
    Thanks to all who have responded with helpful information!

    As the Terms of Service prevent anyone from offering medical advice here, your question(s) must be taken to either your Medical Provider (MD, NP, etc) or to those who administered the PPD test.

    Here is the website for the CDC's information on TB: Tuberculosis (TB) | CDC

    And one from the Mayo Clinic: Tuberculosis - Diagnosis and treatment - Mayo Clinic

    I wish you well.

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