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  1. Sup everyone,

    Just wondering what are some good sites to get my CEUs for my LVN license in California. This is my 2nd license renewal, but first time having to do CEUs.

    I checked out the BVNPT site and found this link:

    However, all of these seem like you have to actually attend classes. Cant you do CEUs online? I work fulltime and have family obligations, so attending classes in person is a last resort.

    Thanks in advance. Oh yea, I think you're suppose to do 30 there a difference between CEUs and contact hours? Or is it the same thing?

    Any help is appreciated. THANKS!!!!!
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  3. by   sdsingh02
    hi! i know of a few websites where they have online ce courses or they send you a booklet to review. i personally am yet to renew my lvn license in another year, but i've been receiving ce booklets already! anyways here's a few sites to look into: - here you pay for ceus online. - here also you pay for ceus online. - here you must sign up in order to get the free ceus. all you would need to do is update your profile and search for any topic of interest, read the materials and take a small test. ceus for each topic are only worth about 1 ce, so there's a lot of reading to do! - here is a previous posting from other allnurses members about how to obtain ceus

    and ceus=contact hours! the online courses makes it a lot easier when you have a busy schedule. wish you luck in finding the right course!