New LPNs Working for Agencies

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    I received my license last month. I thought that working for an agency would be great for me. However, it seems that it will not be as easy as I thought...they don't want to hire new grads. And most hospitals don't want to hire LPNs in Miami. So if you are an LPN working for a good agency in the Miami area and you started working with them right after getting your license and you are working at least 4 days a week please let me know where I can sign up.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    If you find an agency that will hire a new grad, run as fast as you can away from them. You now have your own license, only you are responsible for it and keeping it.
    You do not really start as an LPN until you begin working as one. Things are quite different then they were while you were a student.
    To work as an agency nurse, you essentially do not get any orientation, you have to hit the floor running. Do not try to make a mess of things so early in your career...........You will be expected to know how to do every type of procedure that comes your way, and what you can do and can't do under your scope of practice........and what is considered safe for your patient.......
    Not all of this is covered in one year of school............

    I know that this is not what you want to hear, but take the advise of someone who has been working agency for more that 25 years, get thge experience under your belt first.............if not, you may not have the license there later on to even worry about.............
  4. by   hitechlvn
    Hello I am an LPN and I work agency. I have been a nurse for eight years. You should NOT try to work agency until you have some experience, as they don't teach you on the floor or give you any orientation. You need to get a year or two under your belt then you will be good to go. I know this is not what you wanted to hear but I was told to work for a year or two when I graduated into med/surg and I believe this has been the most beneficial advice I was ever given. Because of my solid med/surg background I have been able to agency, travel and almost anything else I have wanted to do as an LPN.

  5. by   ex1140
    Thanks for the advice and you are right, I didn't want to hear it.
    However, I feel in my heart that it's good advice and I will take it and I will not apply to anymore agencies until I get some experience. Thanks and God Bless