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Is there anyway you can make at least 40,000a year in your first year of nursing? I live in Richmond,VA... Read More

  1. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from tamica
    lpn is in demand of what country?
    Certain regions of the United States.
  2. by   midcom
    Don't come to Iowa if you want to make good wages. We're the lowest in the nation, dang. I interviewed today for a clinic job ($11 something to start) and a dialysis job that starts at a bit over $12.
  3. by   OgopogoLPN
    Oh man, I feel for you guys!!!!

    I'm in BC, Canada and starting LPN wages through our health authority (hospitals, public LTC and nursing homes) is about $22/hour. Some private nursing homes and other places needing LPN's can pay between $23-$27/hour!!
  4. by   penyegue
    I work in a nursing home in sc. My payrate is 19.00 per hr. With a 100.00 extra shift bonus. My real money comes from the staffing company I work for. I recieve 29.00 per hour. It's a great job, and a good way to meet new people.
  5. by   ladydart
    I work for the VA Hospital near Boston, MA and I am a new LPN starting at 42,000...and they paid for my schooling, I only have to give them 3 years of employment! The downside is the cost of living is outrageous!!!!
  6. by   melligirll
    HI..great pay..I live in the dallas plano you work at a LTC facility
  7. by   HeartJulz
    I have st one mth left of school and Im in NoCal and starting @ my clinical site is $25/hr. As a CMA/Phleb. I was making $22/hr in Family Practice. The one thing some of us need to consider is the fact that it is ridiculously expensive to live out here in CA. So in the end most our paycheck goes to bills and the mortgage! Ive considered moving back to colorado and know that Id be taking a pay cut.. but also housing, gas and groceries is less expensive than out here so really, some may be better making a bit less and cost of living is less than the other way around!!!