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  1. Someone posted that they were in the RN program and failed twice. This time the instructor said she was "unsafe". It was posted that she should get her LPN and get some experience before she goes back. Why is it when people are having difficulty, or fail out of RN school people think they should be LPNs? If someone tells them they are unsafe do you really want them taking care of your loved ones? I feel like people are saying "Well if you couldn't be safe with someone watching you, how about you go get your LPN so you can work in LTC with nobody watching you?"
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  3. by   Jules A
    You know that I agree but try not to let that thread upset you. If someone fails out of nursing school (not once but twice!) I doubt it means they would fare any better in an LPN program. People can suggest whatever they want and it doesn't mean that its appropriate or going to happen. I think that sometimes in an effort to be supportive people are less than objective and venting seems to be a favorite past time. Nursing school was not fun for me either but I stayed under the radar, got good grades and was prepared. Seems like a simple strategy for staying enrolled. It cracks me up when people repeatedly suggest complaining because we as students are the customer, lol, yeah that is one way to earn yourself a front row seat to living hell!

    I'm not getting my knickers in a knot over something like this or the debate as to whether or not I'm a real nurse. Frankly I've met LPNs that were super bright and BSNs that I wondered how they ever graduated and vice versa so I guess thats just the way it is.
  4. by   LovebugLPN
    My fear is that depending on how far she has made it in the RN program she can go out and sit for the NCLEX PN and pass. Then she could begin working on your family member. She may be book smart but her clinical instructor feels she is "unsafe". I do not know why she failed the first time. All I am saying is why do people in the medical field suggest to these people to try to sit for boards and work as an LPN to "gain experience" when they were already said to be unsafe?