NCSBN PN review has me's HARD!!!

  1. Ok, I am not posting this to vent but to express consern over my up-coming boards in 2 weeks. A little background first. I have studied the Saunders PN Q and A review for the last 12 months. Yes, I started studying for the boards while in school. I have been threw the Suanders blue PN review book twice and done all the cd questions.. All 3,000 of them. I have read the rationales for a better understanding of the questions. Also, I have been studying the Kaplan pn review, a Mosby pn review, and the "LPN made easy" by lipincott for the last 3 months. I figured I was ready for the boards UNTIL I decided to purchase the NCSBN PN review online. I got the 3 weeks course to touch up on anything I might have missed, and considering the NCSBN actually make the NCLEX exam, it can't be a bad move to hit this up 3 weeks before my boards.

    ok my gripes...

    The NCSBN exams are very hard. I score 50% on most the quizes and get depressed after taking them. Medicines I have never heard of are in the questions.Most of the review questions on it (99%) seem to be priority questions. Saunders did NOT prepare me for priority questions, neither did my nursing school. The Kapalan review book did go over priority questions , but they were very easy in kapalan and a nightmare on the NCSBN PN review. Saunders PN questions are actually very easy in comparion.

    The reason I am now nervous is obvious. The NCSBN makes the NCLEX, and if I am bombing the NCSBN PN review...I can't see how I can pass the boards. I ace Saunders, ace Mosby, and do well on Lipincott but the NCSBN is so much more difficult. I keep hearing that priority questions will be on the NCLEX, and I can usually ace the ones in Kaplan just remembering to assess before implement, and usualy maslow for patients needs.

    Any advice from people who have used NCSBN online reviews, or any advice?

    this person had the same problem with ncsbn
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  3. by   BlessedbyGod
    Hi BigB,

    I really don't feel you should worried. I also had the 3 week subscription to ncsbn and when I first started doing the online test I was scoring around mid 50's and high 60's. Some of my classmates were also scoring in that range so that just let me know that their questions were just extremely hard or just different from what I was use to. I also used Lippincott, Saunders, and Delmar practice cd's and I passed the NCLEX-PN the first time.

    I actually believe the ncsbn questions were harder than the practice cd's I was doing but I kept on doing them because my scores got higher and I it also helped jar my mind with information I hadn't even seen in nursing school.

    Your reading the all the rationales and taking in the info so that's what's important.

    So don't fret, just keep doing what your doing and I believe you will pass the first time.
  4. by   BigB
    thank you so much for those kind words blessed, it means a lot to hear from someone that was in my possition.