NCLEX stopped at 85 questions Dec 2018

  1. Well... I should start by saying that this is the second time I take the Nclex. Everything about this test went wrong from the beginning. The day of our graduation I was notified that there was one of the pre-reqs that I did not complete so my transcripts wouldn't be sent to the Board of Nursing along with the rest of class. I was so tired of the craziness that implies to be a nurse student that as soon as we graduated I took a ''me time'' and decided to take a long break. When I decided to get back to study I felt like most of the things I learned at school were gone. I used KAPLAN and U world for the first test that I took. I thought that being good at answering questions will help. Boy I was wrong... When I took the NCLEX the first time I had a lot of question that I did not even knew what they were asking me about. There were diseases and procedures that I never heard. I walked out of the facility feeling like I did a lot of guessing. I couldn't sleep that night or the nights after for like two days in a row. My anxiety levels were way up. The pressure from my co-workers and family was driving literally insane. Well... a week after I confirmed my guessing and I got the letter saying that I failed the test. I was so devasted I didn't want to eat or do anything, not even work... It took me a week to recover. When I decided to study for the second attempt I went online and watched several videos about how to pass the NCLEX the 2nd time and I came to a video of a Nurse who was referred to use Exam Cram. People you can't believe how good that book is. I got the text and the question bank book and literally sat down every day at lunch and went over several questions. I reviewed the little notes that they include on the text book and watch some videos of register nurse RN. I took the test today and I felt very different from the last time that I took it, I was calmed and focused on the questions and my test stopped at 85 questions. I just did the pearson vue trick and got the good pop up so I'm hoping that this time I can finally pass and become a Nurse. Has anybody else passed at 85 questions recently?
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  3. by   Aliennurse2
    I recently took it for the second time and it stopped at 85. I felt good afterwards too and did the Pearson Vue trick after 5 hours. Did it again after 24hrs and after another 24hrs learned I passed with the quick results!
  4. by   AngelNarissa
    I did NCLEX RN today at 11 am and the screen stopped at 125 questions I was shock because I prepared to do 265 questions I feel calm after the test and feel like UWORLD is more difficult than NCLEX , I don't know if I can do PVT in Ontario Canada ?