NCBON recognizes which online programs?

  1. LPN looking into going for RN. may go the way of UNCW (live in wilmington), but wondering about online programs accredidations. Interested in college network and excelsior. Has anyone had any problems getting hired w/ training this way?
    Does NCBON recognize these programs? ...went to bon website but couldnt find the right link...
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  3. by   elkpark
    I think your best bet would be to contact the BON directly and get a firm answer from them about any program you're interested in. It would be a shame to spend time and money on a program based on advice someone here gave you, and then find out that you weren't eligible for NCLEX after all ...

    The Distance Learning forum here has several threads about folks' experiences with College Network, Excelsior, etc., and employment experiences.
  4. by   saltwaterstat
    thanx far hitting a dead end w/ ncbon, as in no reply. will ck out the distance learning forum...again, thanx.
  5. by   candy54
    I phoned the NCBON a few moments ago regarding Excelsior and was informed that the NCBON DOES recognize and accept their programs.