National University BSN program

  1. I'm going to apply to National University in April when I hope to have my LVN license, but I would like to have some information from current or former LVN-BSN students. I know the program is really young anyone know anyone with experience with National? I would like the low down on the nursing program, hopefully that it was a positive experience. Is the admission process as competitive as SDSU or other colleges in the area? I would imagine the cost of the program would keep people out of there which is why I am applying. Thanks in advance for any information.
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  3. by   Coloradogrl
    I had contacted National & went into to meet with them here in Denver when I saw a ad on tv for their BSN program. When I got into there offices &started talking to them I found out they didnt even have there BSN program yet(waiting for approval) & were pushing everyone into the Health Information Program!! I was in shock when I found out the commerical was a totally FRAUD & wasnt even true!

    I would make sure they were on the BNE site to see if they are a "real" school. When looking through their catlog I noticed they had a RN program I think but not a LPN/LVN program. It was a RN-BSN program.

    How they present it is as if you can get a nursing degree from them but is a BSN for RN's.

    Also it is like 1000 dollars a credit/class & is VERY expensive even compared to most of the private LVN programs(I am attending a private LVN program) I think it was going to be something like 40k for the whole program compared at 18-20k for most private LVN programs & 5k for community colleges.

    California has TONS of LVN schools so I would just look around and make sure you check on the board of nursing site....good luck
  4. by   Hoping LVN2BSN
    Here in San Diego their program is fully accredited and accepted by the California BRN, it's on their site along with USD and SDSU. They do also have an LVN to BSN program which knocks out 6 of the nursing courses, not much, but something. I just wanted to know if it is as hard to get into as State's program, if the student feel prepared by the classes, and how the cohorts work? Thanks!