Moving to NY for RN school

  1. Any LVN/LPN's out there from NY? I have been accepted to RN school in Albany. I have been going to a community college here in Texas and have been not bee naccepted for the 3rd time. Very competitive. I am done this semester with all my pre-requites and no program here to go to. So NY is where I am heading. Any suggestions or comments will help
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I'm an LVN in Texas, and I have been contemplating relocation to an 'undesirable' Midwestern state for RN school. There are LPN-to-BSN programs in Nebraska, rural Oklahoma, North Dakota, and other sparsely populated areas. I'll apply to a Texas program next spring, but will look elsewhere if I don't get accepted. After all, the time will pass regardless of whether I am doing something productive with my educational attainment.
  4. by   psalm
    Where in Albany? You can probably get a job at one of the hospitals as an aide, CNA or whatever they are called. I grew up in Schenectady, a city over. It is cold. You will enjoy Freihofer cookies!!

    Hope all goes well, let us know when you start and what happens.
  5. by   RGuajardo
    psalm I have been accepted to Maria College in Albany, I am looking forward to it but scared. Here in Texas it's hard to get in to RN school and I am tired of waiting so I applied to other schools and got accepted. So I decided it's time to go.