Monitoring Fluid Restriction

  1. How does your facility monitor intake/output and fluid restrictions? How is the information collected throughout each shift? I work at a SNF and a FR is put in as an order broken up throughout the day depending on how much their FR is. The only documentation is a box that pops up each shift and asks how much the patient. Unfortunately, there is no where to gradually collect the info if that makes sense. So in other words, the CNA/nurse just have to remember what all the patient had throughout the shift. No where to write it down. I once worked somewhere that had an I&O sheet on the back of the pt's room door and each time someone went in and gave something to drink, toileted pt or emptied a foley, it was written on the sheet then collected and given to the nurse at the end of the shift. Does your facility do something similar? If not, what do you do?
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  3. by   morte
    if you are using PCC, there is a function for that, but it needs to be activated. otherwise put it in as a q2 hourly response needed on the MAR.
  4. by   BSNbeDONE
    Nowhere to write it down?? Carry your own I&O sheet in your pocket since you know this info will be required before your shift ends. Or better yet, create one for your facility to be kept at the patient's bedside and update it throughout the shift. That way, you'll only have to retrieve the amounts and transfer them onto the computer.