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hey, calgirl here. Have a quick med error question, actually i have two. First does your facility have to report every med error to the state? Can you lose your license with one med error? I guess I... Read More

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    You really are lucky to have your pharmacy on site. My pharmacy is 10 miles away and only comes out on scheduled deliveries, and it's the data entry people at my pharm, NOT the RPH that tick me off because I have to request a med for a week before they send it--they are slow to get us our requested meds unless there's a giant flashing strobe light attached to it or something. When you call about it, they say they "never got the fax" hmm but I have a fax confirmation in my hands here! If I had my pharmacy on site, it would make life wonderful!
    I am in the same boat. My small hospital has no pharmacy and we get the same thing- "We didn't get the fax"
    Fortunately we are allowed to borrow from other patients - I am in Canada so there is no billing drugs to patients. If a drug is not available then we just initial and write "NA" next to it.Lots of times we have blank spaces on the MAR usually we just track down who had that patient and get them to sign next time they are at work.