LVN with certification in ACLS and PALS?

  1. I am a newly graduated and soon to be licensed LVN. I am working in a hospital on the acute spinal cord injury unit. Right now I want to expand my range of knowledge with as many certifications as i can, and my ultimate goal is to work in an Emergency Room type setting. I am thinking of getting my ACLS and PALS certification. Should I bother with these? Will it get me a pay raise as well? Even if it doesnt get me a pay raise I am still going to take these because I want skills I do know of a few hospitals (including the one i am working at right now) that employ LVNs in their ER department. Maybe if I get myself certified in ACLS and PALS and apply to the ER my chances of getting hired will be much better when I do apply there in the future.

    Oh and yes.. I know I should get my RN (and I will!), but in the meantime if there are certifications available to me that will increase my worth on the market and broaden my skills, I want to take advantage of them That and heck.. if i can make it into the ER, the sooner the better

    any thoughts? I am a new grad so I dont know!

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  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    ACLS is good to get, it won't get you any extra money but it will improve your skill in an emergency. Also is you apply for an emergency room postion after graduation it will help your application stand out.

    You maybe able to be on your code team once you pass ACLS, it is not an easy course, but you hospital should pay for it.
  4. by   sonja77
    i just took acls in october.

    my hospital gives a $0.50 pay raise for that certification, but i had to pay for the course. (it was $145 w/o the book, $175 w/ the book, i believe.) i also could have taken pals, but i wouldn't get a pay raise for that because i do not work with kids. if i would work in an area, where i work/could have the potential to be working with kids (i.e. icu, pedi, ...) i would get paid for that as well.

    another consideration is that the certification is only valid for 2 years, then you have to take the course (or a shorter version of the course) again.

  5. by   nursynurseRN
    Well...... u can take a Chemotherapy course, Dialysis Course, and I heard that they increase your salary for each certificate you have but i think it depends on where you work.