LVN License renewal held for insufficient CE?

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  2. I got this letter in the mail when trying to renew my lvn license. It's my first time renewing it, Am I supposed to put I did 0 hours of CE and sign the first option or the second option? I think 0 is okay for the first time renewal right? I want my license to be active so that means I can still work as an lvn whereas inactive means I cant?? I'm a bit confused. I'm going back to school in about 2 months to go for my RN
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  4. by   Rose_Queen
    If you did not meet the requirements for renewal, your license will not be active. However, it does state in the CA BVN that CEs are not required for the first renewal. Did you ensure you checked off the box that indicated first time renewal? If not, it's probably an automated thing and you'll need to contact the BVN to get it straightened out. Sending your form back with 0 hours completed will probably not be adequate.
  5. by   Virtual
    Yes, I am sure I checked off first time renewal. I'll call them tomorrow and see what happens. I hope I can get this fixed asap, if I have an inactive license is it still easy to make it active? anything to not take that nclex again ahah