LV, NV (US) LPN student: How much do make monthly?

  1. I will be going to a 12 month LPN program here in LV, NV at Brightwood college. I was wondering how much do LPN gets paid weekly/monthly with tax taken out already? How much were you getting paid when you just started?
    also what is the schedule like? 3 days a week of 12 hours or etc...?
    any advice for me to be a successful student?
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  3. by   Floor_Nurse
    With the permission of the administers here at AllNurses, please read this thread...

    how much do you make a month? new LPN
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    Quote from Floor_Nurse
    With the permission of the administers here at AllNurses, please read this thread...

    how much do you make a month? new LPN
    Appreciate that FN...but that thread is very old. 2013 looks like last comment.

    Where are you located?
    I think which part of the country you are located in makes a big difference.
  5. by   Tina9362
    I don't know how much you would make monthly but at my facility, new lpns start at 21/hr.

    I'm from Las Vegas and I'm also attending Brightwood soon. I'm currently a CNA.
  6. by   Brookenicole84
    I'm in PA. I take home 950 every other week. Feels like pennies! I do 3 12's so I only work 36 hours a week but still.
  7. by   minerwife927
    I am in PA. Started in 2014 bringing home $450/wk night shift in LTC. I now am with an agency doing private duty since 2015 and I bring home $720/wk after taxes. HH/Private duty pays more for LPN in my area but LTC has raised rates over the last few years. Most places were paying about 15/hr in 2014 and now they are around 19/hr. 40 hr week. 5 days 8 hr.
  8. by   JediGina
    Hello! Recently graduated and licensed VN nurse from .CA. I had an interview after i received the congrats letter from boards. They really liked me and being a new grad was a huge plus. They decided to take a chance on me and hire me right then and there. She offered me the PM shift--1400-2230. With a stating pay of $23.50. This is the most a company has offered in an interview. And I have had many since being out of school. They also have a bridge program they offer after 2 years of being with said facility, which is amazing since I don't want to stop at LVN. But ive heard a lot of nurses say, "don't follow money." Which i hold very high. I've heard many stories of nurses who worked in a place they love and leave it for more money and became disgruntled and miserable. I'm not trying to be that! Especially just starting out. I haven't started working with them yet because they want me to have my physical license before I can work. Currently on my 3rd week waiting for it... hopefully it comes soon! also, hope this helped. From one student to another. Cheers!!