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Hello Again! I posted a thread before regarding if I should go to school to be a medical assistant before I went to RN school and decided that becoming an LPN would be a better option for me. I... Read More

  1. by   NC Girl BSN
    I'm not sure where you live but in my state, the hassle of even getting into a program is one of the biggest problems. The admission criteria change every minutes it seems.There are entrance test to take and there are probably 200-300 people trying to compete for 60 slots. Its good that your starting early because it may take you a couple of years to even get into a program. I live the Raleigh and LPN make decent money. In LTC they range from 18-23.00 depending on shift diff. In hospitals, its hard to find a job in the area not the mention that the pay sucks. $13-14 an hour. Good Luck to you!
  2. by   LPN4U
    Hi NC Girl 35> I am moving to that area i live about 35-45 min away and looking for a LPN position if you could give a idea of where to look. I had a interview yesterday at one of the large hospitals in raleigh but not really sure where i want to go.