LPN/LVN working in L&D??

  1. Just wondered if any of you work in L&D and what your typical job duties are? i know that each facility or state is different, but just a round about typical day...the reason i asked is because i just applied for a contract position at the army hospital and they need LVN's for the L&D department. We got to observe here in ohio, but never did any hands on work, and in ohio they dont use LPN's for L&D where as in TX on the base they do. So i'm just curious at what all you do there since our scope of practice is fairly limited compared to an RN's. Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    no one works in L&D as anlvn/lpn???
  4. by   postmortem_cowboy
    NOOOOOOOOO!!!! I had a couple of friends I went to nursing school that went straight to L&D when they got licensed... what they did, who knows, all I know is they worked on L&D, but if memory serves me correctly they were more on the after care side than the labor side. More like a glorified CNA, but hey if L&D is what you like, work it through RN school, then when your an RN you already have an idea about what you'll be doing and the transition won't be as bad either.

  5. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    Wayne...thanks for the reply!!! I think if i get the offer for the job i'm going to take it even if it's after care instead of being in the thick of things!!! That is defiently my "dream job" at least what i've always been interested in and wanted! Fingers crossed i get the job!
  6. by   postmortem_cowboy
    Yeah it's definately possible, just you won't be per-se nursing, although you will in another sense, but like i said it's a good job to have through your RN, so when you get to that point you already know what that floor is all about.

    Good luck i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya'!

  7. by   BigB
    My classmate graduated and went to work for Kaiser in Post pardum. They weren't hiring LVN for actual L and D though.
  8. by   txspadequeenRN
    i had myself a little short stay in the hospital this week. the lady working behind the desk and the one who showed me to my room was a lvn. i meant to ask if she functioned as a scrub tech or what but my uterus overruled me and i forgot..lol but still she was there working in l&d....
  9. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    Well this is a military base hospital, and i know that they have a lot of people doing jobs that take on more responsibility than in the civilian world. (we sometimes have our own little world on base....lol) Like most of the time there is a mid-wife delivering and you can NEVER find a regular doc delivering a baby unless it's a high-risk pregnancy so who knows...i dont care as long as i'm around it and can see some stuff...this is one of my first choices for work so who knows...now if they would just call me for a daggone interview!
  10. by   postmortem_cowboy
    Yeah Army jobs or for the medical field anyhow are a little less lax, medics are really close to being RN's without the formal training, which is why a medic coming out of the service has the opportunity to challenge the LVN/LPN boards, have known a couple of them that have done this and then gone on for their RN's. They're allowed to do alot of things that wouldn't be considered within a scope of any of our practices. Good luck on your venture for L&D, a few of the girls I was in nursing school with loved our rotation through that floor and got themselves hired on before they even took boards by simply speaking to the floor manager. I tried to do the same thing to get cross trained as a scrub tech in the OR for sections but that fell through.