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This topic has been around before, but I was looking for something more up to date. Things have fluctuated in past two years or so. I know people are always looking for salaries and most of the time... Read More

  1. by   jimw
    Quote from ocb_dave_ocb
    East TN here too...
    Start out at $16 for days and $16.50 for nights, $17 weekend days and $17.50 weekend nights at our SNF
    i am up the road a bit in oneida. the closer you get to koxville the better the starting pay. i max every ones pay scale out been doing this for over 25 years. i think the staring pay here is around 14.00 not sure exaclly what it is. do you work at lake city? if so is the don name wanda?
  2. by   nikki0607b
    I live in los angeles, california. My first job as a new grad at a snf paid 22.00/hr but benefits suck.
  3. by   Nurse__Mary
    I'm in central Louisiana, near Lafayette area, i've been an LPN 4 yrs. I work for a nursing home at nites. I have 58 patients and make 18.50 an hr.
    The most i've made as an LPN was 36 hr working on my day off at our local hosp. they discourage agency so they will pay their lpns, time and a half plus 8 dollars if they come on in on their off days, the same hosp, wanted to start me off at 10.00 an hr as a new nurse but I turned down benefits and was offered 14.50 an hour.
    I have also made 25.00 and hour working for agencies in the past.
  4. by   TB21623
    I Am A Lpn Student And I Want To Move To Jacksonville In May 2009. If Anyone Know How Much Fl Get Paid Through Hosptial And Angency Pay..thank You
  5. by   elevateHOB
    I live in Kansas city and make 18.50 at the hospital and 16.00 at the Alzheimer home. Can anyone tell me what to look for in the Colorado springs area? Like what facilities may not have the best rep. Thanks
  6. by   momtojosh
    hi ya......i live in upstate NY....the boonies....very rural......the best hospitals near are like 2-4 hrs away.....sure we have our small local hospitals.....but you get the drift....we live in the boonsville......anyway....i just graduated in june...got my first job in july,got my lic in mid august(YEAH).......i make 15.50 with awsome benifits(state job).........but like i told my husband....i would work for min wage,I know,i might sound stupid,but i have been a very lucky stay at home mom for the last 20yrs....decided to go back to school,then work......i only work PT and i love it!!!!! .........i work some extra hours if i am needed and they connot find anyone else....but i let all the ones who need the extra hours go for it first........i hear the hospitals around here start you out at 13 as does the nursing homes......i heard of one place starts you at 10.......i also heard alot of aides while in clinicals that they would love to go to LPN school...but they would take a pay cut....these aides have been with the hospital for yrs and make like 17-18 or more....why would they start at a LPNs salary....unless of course they went for their RN as well......which i have been throwing around........but at 46 dont know......and i am not a very good delegator.....i just like to work and get my hands dirty and just be in there........thats enough for me.........so thats it for the boonies in upstate NY...
  7. by   3rdTimeisaCharm
    20-23 an hour for Long term facilities in my area. Southern California. Hospitals pay around 18-21 an hour.
  8. by   Nony
    New LVNs earn between $18-$20 to start in houston. Through temp agencies and home health you can make anywhere $24/hr to $35/hr depending on the agency and the complexity of the cases you will be handling
  9. by   jenniferatlan3
    Wow, I'm in NJ . I'm a CNA in school for LPN. I've made between $11 and $14 working as a CNA and the LPN'S I know made between $19 and $23 an hour.
  10. by   bedside_goddess
    Hi MomtoJosh,
    I went to school in Upstate NY in 03 and got a job working at a nursing home for 12.50. Now i live in San Antonio TX and make 15.00 at my hospital and 20-27 agency.
  11. by   forever nursing 35
    I lived in Richmond Va. the nursing homes pay more than the hospitals here I make 17.50 base on experience as a new nurse at a nursing home. Less than 6 months to a year. A lot of the hospital don't usually hire new LPN. A lot of the places here pay you more base on your experience. Agency starts at 21-27 depending on where you go.
  12. by   molly9
    When you work for an agency, can you still get benefits? I see the pay is much higher with an agency. Are there drawbacks to working for an agency?
  13. by   Nurset1981
    I'm 8 miles north of Boston and I make 24/hr on the day shift. My co offers a shift diff of 3$/hr after 3 and on weekends. If you go closer to the city you might make 26/27 an hour. I've made 26$/hr in the past but the money wasn't worth the hell hole I was in. Looks like I'm never moving to Oklahoma. 11 bucks an hour?!?!? Thats insane!