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This topic has been around before, but I was looking for something more up to date. Things have fluctuated in past two years or so. I know people are always looking for salaries and most of the time... Read More

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    Quote from jt8493
    Anyone know the going rate for Los Angeles? I have 5 years experience as a Hospital Corpsman (medic) in the Navy. That breaks down to 1 yr in an ER, 2 years in a FP clinic and 2 years in a physical therapy clinic. I challenge the board in July. Will my experience help me get a good starting salary or will I be looked at as a rookie since I have never actually been an LPN?
    Nope, sorry to say that won't get you anywhere. You need the LPN license. I work with a guy in the same situation as you, he was a medic in the army. You can't do anything without the license, sorry.
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    Quote from ksolotis
    I am an SVN in California and we are expecting to make $27 at least when we graduate. Some of the students who impressed the managers and nurses at the clinical site were offered jobs before even taking the boards and are now working 4 days a week, 12 hours per day. Calculated that somewhere in the ballpark of 70,000 a year. Here in Kalifonia, standard of living is quite expensive, but there are sattelite cities surrounding San Francisco, Oakland, San jose, etc that one may wish to live in. I live in the tri valley, it usually takes about 30 to 45 minutes to get to the hospitals that pay this wage. Housing is on the rise but one may still buy a 4,5,6 bedroom house for 500,000. And the weather is really nice out this way, too.

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    Sorry I lived in San Jose and you can NOT get a 4,5,6 bedroom house for $500,000...Not unless you live in the central valley, Stockton, Turlock, Modesto, etc. Not in San Jose, not in any of the surrounding areas, and definately NOT San Francisco. The bay area's median home price is $600,000 and rising. My home here in CO would easily go for $600K in Cali. And $70,000 a year in the bay area, HA! You can barely live on that. I know I've been there done that. Yes the pay is more, but so are your housing costs....for example, we had a 2 bedroom 1 bath condo, 903 sq. feet....read (SMALL) We paid $1200 a month mortgage and $2500 a year in property taxes. Yeah not bad but San Jose has over a million people now. But if one wants to pay over $2100 a month for a 3 bed 2 bath house, more power to ya!
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    Quote from DYatesRN
    well said! Some people are just not good test takers!
    Yes, and the NCLEX does not care how good a test taker you are. The questions you get are the ones you get. If you barely scraped by in L&D and you got all L&D questions, does failing the NCLEX make you a bad nurse and not knowledgeable about the other areas of nursing? That test is hard and nerve wracking because you don't know what kind of questions you'll get. If you took it, you should know that.
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    Quote from nursemelani
    Oh, honey...........If you are coming from Miss, you are going to have sticker shock at the housing prices out here. Southern CA and the SF Bay Area are ridiculously overpriced. We're talking a small, 30 year old house in an iffy neighborhood for 500,000. A nice house (2500 sq feet), in a nice neighborhood, will set you back at least 750,000.
    Here in the Sacramento area, it is a little more reasonable. You can find a decent house for 400,000. A condo for 350K.........
    Nursemelani, you are exactly right, you said the same thing I did.
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    I am a new LVN who earns $18.50 hourly at an upscale nursing home somewhere in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area.
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    I work in an ICU/CCU in GA and my base pay is $19.88 plus we get shift and weekend diff. My base pay includes a $2.00 diff for working a specialty unit. Not all hospitals in GA hire LPN's and most do not let them work in their units. I was making the same thing with an agency before coming to this hospital. I am also full time and have benefits.
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    I work in Hawaii and started LTC 1 year ago $17.60 and now making 19.01. (as LPN) The cost of living here is very high, and you have many pt's. Although this is one of the top paying facilities!
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    Way back in the Stone Ages, I started out at $7.50 an hour. Now, the facility I work for pays $17 an hour. I have worked agency, where I got about $25 an hour. It all depends.

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    i will be graduating in 4 months. does anyone have any recent insight on lvn pay rates in fort worth, texas? am interested in anything except ltc...any advice would be greatly appreciated...
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    Quote from blue chips
    :angryfire LPNs make $10.95 in oklahoma. :angryfire
    where in OK are you? I used to live there and i still have many many nursing friends there and the WORST i have heard is 15.00 hourly and that is for a home for the developmentally disabled.
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    I grew up in Hawaii and like the other post said 19.00hr and a home in a kind of decent neighborhood is hovering around 500.000.00. Lot of crime and drugs in Hawaii, the people have to make money somehow. Would not move back there, only if I hit the lotto! I live in Colorado now and have heard of lpn's making up to 22.00hr in ltc's. The hospitals that do hire lpn's about 14.00 to 17.00 to start, which sucks. But the home prices in Colorado have been going up every year. My hole in the wall 2000 sq ft 4bdrm 3 bth home is going for 300.000 right now. I plan on moving down to dallas though and the pay down there is not bad and u can still get a home out of town for 150.000 with acreage.
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    I'm a LPN working in Ortho/Surg and my base pay is $10.92:angryfire
    I work fri and sat nights so I get an additional $5.00/hr shift diff.
    $3.00/hr for being PRN

    The hospital I work for is the lowest paying one on the Ms. Gulf Coast! I work there because I only live 5 minutes away. LOL
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    San Antonio - Contract agency - $23 - med surg, no benefits, no shifdif, but no cancel with contract. Other agencies quote more - but you get cancelled first -