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This topic has been around before, but I was looking for something more up to date. Things have fluctuated in past two years or so. I know people are always looking for salaries and most of the time... Read More

  1. by   mrs.p1974
    Anyone from Mississippi? What's the pay rate for a LPN right out of school.
  2. by   leebon
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    Thanks Ashera. I agree with you 100%. It is hurtful to come here to get a "hug" and end up getting "attacked" instead.
    I think taxminia0311 is a "want to be nurse with poor english", she sounds uneducated but claims to be going to like 4 different lpn programs. Best to ignore her and her posts.
  3. by   txspadequeenRN
    I have worked all my nursing life in Ft Worth and the hospitals pay squat. All Saints is all RN and JPS was going to pay me 13/hr as a senior LVN. Now as a agency nurse once you get some experience you can make good money. I know LVN's that are under contract for 30/hr at local hospitals. I have played the system for years and have made up to 45/hr , now this was a special deal when a local nursing home cleared out all their staff and the whole place was run by agency. They needed nurses and had to pay crazy rates because of the critical situation and there was a drive involved.I perfer to have a stable steady job and make almost 22/hr .I am fixing to get a raise because I have been made the weekend supervisor. I know that Kindred and Lifecare was going to pay me around 21/hr. But at these hospitals you will work your hiney off. I recommend looking at the star telegram and browsing the local hospital websites. If I were to work in a hospital I think I would be heading to Harris Downtown. If you want experience and can take the pay JPS is the way to go. Good Luck to you!!

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    I live in Fort Worth and will be graduating soon. What hospitals pay the best? I am so clueless of where to start applying.
  4. by   cindysclowns
    New Grad in Mass. starting pay $18.11. I was baylor CNA making about 20.00 hr. for 24hr. weekends, no stress. I heard PCA's at Boston General make $50.00 hr. for weekend baylor, or double shifts!
  5. by   91C_ARMYLPN
    Happy New Year to all!!! I live in Southern California, and the LVN pay scale depends on the specialty/ area that an individual chooses to work in. Also remember that California has a high cost of living, to include New York, and other major cities. Here it goes... Home Health $ 20.00 to 23.00 per hr. LTC/SNF same as home health, but it may be lower. Clinics $ 18.00 to 21.00 per hr. Of course if you work per diem, the wages are higher, but you do not recieve benefits. Some potential employers may offer more pay based on experience, certificates, and additional education. I have found the the best pay, which is in high demand, and allows lvn into this area is Managed Care (Case Manager: Utilization and Concurrent review). I had a job as a LVN CM which paid $ 65 K per year and a benefit package after 90 days. However, Managed Care can be stressful and quite demanding. It depends on what you are searching for, and what makes you happy. Sometimes a bigger paycheck is not always the answer. Nursing has alot to offer! So, seek and ye shall find it!!! Good Luck!
  6. by   AngelCNA
    In Iowa, an LPN starts at about $14.00/hr. An RN at about $18.00/hr.
    CNA's (or Patient Care Tech's as they are called in hospitals) can make anywhere from $9.75/hr. to $11.00/hr to start.
    Most facilities give raises after 90 days.
    Shift differentials here are not near as good as what I've been seeing posted though.
    RNs in trauma can make upwards of $25./hr and more. I saw an opening for $38./hr in a trauma unit.
    Our facility gives us an extra $1. per hour if we are called in to cover a shift with less than 24 hours notice. They are eliminating one holiday this year but are replacing it with having our birthdays off with holiday pay. That is cool!
  7. by   xmasbabe
    I make $19.14 per hr in Wisc in a clinic and I have been there 20 years.
  8. by   Hope1978
    Hey there herrera2,

    Does your friend work the weekend plan at a hospital or nursing home? Are they 2 16 hours shifts or 12's...my,my $32.00/hr is great money for and LVN!!
  9. by   fancywhitecats
    Im in North Texas. As everywhere LPN/LVN payrate is not consistant. Im with a large corp, make 17.88 base, (eval soon ). I take classes to keep up with present job as well as get that RN (Someday!) There are diffs and good benefits here. Im sure agencys pay more, however the corp Im with is phasing out temps and they are doing a great job of it. They have pretty much phased out LVNs but some of us are like bad pennies........
  10. by   91C_ARMYLPN
    Quote from Hope1978
    Hey there herrera2,

    Does your friend work the weekend plan at a hospital or nursing home? Are they 2 16 hours shifts or 12's...my,my $32.00/hr is great money for and LVN!!

    Hi there Hope1978: LVN'S/LPN'S here in Southern California can make 65K per year, working Mon-Fri, and the benefit package is extra. The field is Managed Care, working as a Case Manager doing Utilization Review/ Quality Management/Concurrent Review. One can work for a Hospital, SNF/LTC, MSO (Medical Service Organization), Insurance Companies (i.e. Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Healthnet, etc.) Just a little note...most employers require that you have at least 1 to 3 years of Case Management experience, and of course a clinical background. Fresh LVN/LPN graduates with no experience, will find this quite stressful and demanding. To include difficulty in being hired.
    But, you have to start somewhere. This can be a rewarding and challenging profession. I have noticed in other states such as Florida, the majority of Case Manager jobs are mainly for RN'S. Making 30.00 to 35.00 per hour for a LVN/LPN is not too shabby! Happy New Year!

  11. by   anniem87
    I live in South Central Kentucky and work in LTC facility, the pay is 14.00 hr. for 3-11 and 11-7 shift. Not bad pay for a little town like this.
  12. by   Tumbleweeds
    I'm in central Oklahoma. LPNs in hospitals make around $11.00 an hour, LTC is around 13 to $14 an hour, clinics are $10. RNs are around $14 in hospitals starting out, and $18 in LTC. Agency pays LPNs anywhere from $20 up to about $26.
  13. by   snoopy2359
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    Yeah, which hospital did you check with? Seton in Daly City pays some of the students who graduated from the program I am about to also graduated from 27 dollars per hour. That is the truth unless they have lied to us. In San Jose, some hospitals pay as much as 30. I am hoping for the best.
    Good Luck.
    Would like to know if anyone in California can tell me of a nice area to live thats affordable with good schools for the kids.