LPN/LVN Moving out-of-state?? salary check anyone

  1. Hello people.. I would like to start of by thanking this website.. i know this topic had been started but it seems that the last response i read was from 2006...

    Currently here in NY .. I worked in a Methadone clinic and city hospital.. the current rate for us LVN/LPN is $20-23 per hour (38k+ annually) ..

    I am currently planning to move to San Francisco .. any LPN's/LVN's out there know the salary range for us in CA or SF?

    Salary.com stated that its somewhere around 42k annually..
    Some agencies in craigslist is stating $23-$25 per hour..
    just really want to have a ballpark idea from a real person and not just statistics
    before i move there..

    I appreciate you guys for taking the time and effort to read this post.
    Hoping for some positive responses ..

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  3. by   Sensoria17
    There is a place that advertises on Craigslist occasionally. I believe its a rehab clinic of some sort. They advertise pay being between $25-27 depending on shift. I think they are called Baker's Place (in SF). A classmate that works at a rehab/nursing home says the LVNs start out at $26 (Oakland area).
  4. by   nystatelpn
    thanks sensoria17 for the response..
    ill try to get more information before taking the big leap..
  5. by   Rexie68
    Don't forget to check out the cost of living! My ex moved out of state and makes a lot more money....but he's paying a lot more for rent, etc, too.....so he's actually not doing well, plus PA would make him pay a lot more child support based on his salary if I were a meanie.

    I have 18 years experience as an LPN in PA (long term care) and make $20/hour.

    Good luck!!
  6. by   pinkpinstripes
    Where can I get a job in a Methadone dosing unit in San Francisco, CA.? I have 25 yrs of psych nursing experience including corrections, inpatient psych and now substance abuse specifically Methadone. Can anyone help me, I have no way of networking to find a position out there. Thanks in advance. ... Shift+R improves the quality of this image. Shift+A improves the quality of all images on this page.