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  1. Im a new grad with IV and CPR certifications but I want to be certified in something else to make myself more marketable. I tried looking on the Advance web site with no luck. Where can I go or what can I do to find info on specializations.
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    Quote from brown eyed girl
    im a new grad with iv and cpr certifications but i want to be certified in something else to make myself more marketable. i tried looking on the advance web site with no luck. where can i go or what can i do to find info on specializations.
    hi, brown eyed girl,

    check these sites:

    http://www.nflpn.org/certification.html iv therapy and gerontology for lpn/lvn

    http://ddna.bluestep.net/shared/cust...7840_s_i133746 developmental disabilities (dds) for rn/lpn

    http://www.childbirtheducation.org/laborspt.html clinical labor support specialist (cclss) for rn/lpn

    http://www.childbirtheducation.org/in_doula.html certified labor doula (cd) for lpn/rn

    http://www.childbirtheducation.org/in_breas.html certified breastfeeding counselor (cbc) for rn/lpn

    http://www.childbirtheducation.org/fitness.html certified prenatal/postnatal fitness instructor for rn/lpn

    http://www.napnes.org/certifications/ltc.htm long term clinic (cltc) for lpn/lvn

    http://www.napnes.org/cltc_recertification.pdf#search='certification%20p rograms%20for%20the%20lpn' long term clinic re-certification for lpn/lvn

    http://www.napnes.org/certifications/pharmacology.htm pharmacology certification for lpn/lvn
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    You can also be ACLS, PALS and NRP certified.:wink2: